zappi v2Setup

  1. Switching On
  2. Testing

1. Switching On

After completing and checking the wiring of the supply and the current transformers (CTs), switch on the zappi via the circuit breaker. zappi will start-up and the main screen will be presented after a few seconds.

If zappi has been installed alongside another zappi unit or another myenergi device, refer to Linking Devices for guidance on pairing devices. Also refer to the instruction documentation for the other devices.

2. Testing

Before leaving site, it is important that a few checks are carried out, ensuring the sensors have been correctly installed and are functional.

1. Check that the time and date are correct and displayed on the bottom left of the main screen. If they are not present or are incorrect, set the correct time and date in the Other Settings/Time & Date menu option.
2. Check that the EV will charge in FAST mode.
3. Check the Grid Power reading at the top right of the main menu screen is showing sensible readings and the direction of power flow is as expected.
4. With the EV plugged in, switch to ECO mode charging and check that the charge power is at minimum (about 1.4 kW) OR that it is ‘tracking’ the surplus power (i.e. the Grid Power is reading 0.0kW)
5. If a Generation CT has been installed, check that the generated power is shown in the top left of the main screen.

If the generation reading is missing, the most likely cause is the CT2 input is not enabled – see CT Config.

If a (!) symbol is displayed in the top left hand corner then the generation CT needs to be reversed.

If the Grid CT is instead wired to a harvi ensure the device settings are set correctly – see Device Settings.