1. The myenergi hub
  2. Setting up your hub
  3. Upating the firmware on your hub
  4. Controls and indicators

1. The myenergi hub

The hub acts as a gateway between your myenergi devices and the internet.   It allows you to monitor and control your devices with the myenergi app and through the online account

You will also need a hub if you want to download and install the latest firmware as we bring out new features.





2. Setting up your hub

The hub comes with a power supply and an Ethernet cable.
It only uses a wired Ethernet connection, not WiFi, so it needs to be plugged into your internet router or an Ethernet socket.  Ethernet / Power Line plugs also work fine.

You need to place the hub in a position where it has a good radio connection with all your myenergi devices.  We uses a wireless frequency that has a better range than WiFi but it will still be affected by thick walls, large metal objects, mirrors, other sources of radio interference…

When you plug the hub in, two of the LED’s should be lit;

  • The Power LED should be green
  • The “Server” LED should be blue – which means the hub can connect to our server but it has not been registered yet.

If the server LED is red or is not lit up at all then there is a problem with the Ethernet connection to your hub


3. Upating the firmware on your hub

When you first connect your hub it’s a good idea to check to see if the firmware on the hub is the latest version.

  • Make sure that the power and server LED’s are lit, and the server LED is blue or green.
  • Unplug the power from the hub
  • Press and hold the “Download” button
  • Plug the powe back into the hub
  • Release the “Download” button
  • The server LED will turn white while the new firmware is downloaded and installed

Once the server light returns to blue or green you are ready to pair your hub with your myenergi devices

You are now ready to pair your hub


4. Controls and indicators

The hub has two buttons and six coloured LED indicators.  These have a number of functions:

The buttons


  • A short press of the Pair/Channel button puts the hub in pairing mode.
  • Once in pairing mode, pressing and holding the Pair/Channel button will cycle the hub through the eight possible wireless channels


  • A short press of the Mode/Download button tells the hub to contact the server and check for new firmware for your myenergi devices
  • If you hold the Mode/Download button for more than 10 seconds this puts the hub into diagnostic mode and the LED’s flash white to show any radio activity.   Press the Mode/Download button again or cycle the power to the hub to put it back into its normal mode.

The LED’s

Full details of the LED’s are provide here