harviSetting up your harvi

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Pairing with eddi or zappi
  4. Changing Channel (Optional)
  5. Configuration
  6. Wiring Diagram

1. Introduction

harvi is a clever device that enables the zappi and eddi products to be installed without using a wired current transformer (CT). Instead the CT that reads grid, generation or battery etc. can be connected to harvi. No power source is needed for harvi. The CT harvests energy from the cable that it monitors until it can transmit the measurement signal to the zappi or eddi.

This means batteries or electrical wiring are eliminated!

2. Installation

harvi can dos:

–   Can be wall mounted

–   Up to 3 CTs can be connected

–   Multiple harvi devices can be used on one site

–   Batteries or power supply not required!


1. The CT should be clipped around the cable to be monitored. Make sure the arrow on the bottom of the CT is pointing in the direction of normal current flow (normally towards the consumer unit).
2. Connect 1, 2 or 3 CTs to the CT input(s), the red wire should be connected to the (+) terminal and the black wire to the (-) terminal of the harvi device.
3. After a few seconds the Status LED will flash green.


Note: Refer to the instruction manual of the eddi or zappi unit for more details about CT sensor installation.


3. Pairing with eddi or zappi

1. Press the pair button briefly.
2. The LED will flash blue a number of times to indicate the channel number. A single flash indicates channel 1, 2 flashes indicates channel 2 etc.
3. Then the LED will flash red to indicate the harvi is in pairing mode.
4. On the eddi or zappi unit, select “Add Device” in the “Advanced/Linked Devices” menu. If you cannot see this option, then select “Pairing Mode”.
5. The harvi should appear on the screen within a few seconds.
6. Check the serial number on the screen matches the number on the front of the harvi device and press the or  This will pair the harvi device.


Note: If pairing the harvi to a network of already paired devices, the harvi should only be paired with the Master.

4. Changing Channel (Optional)

The default channel of harvi is 1. Normally this will not need to be changed. There may be a situation where there is interference on a particular channel. In this instance it is recommended that the channel be changed.

To change channel:

1. Press and hold the pair button until the LED flashes blue the LED will flash rapidly to indicate the channel number from 1 to 8.
2. Release the button when the the chosen channel is shown.
3. Make sure the eddi or zappi unit is also set to the same channel.

Note: Early versions of eddi or zappi only have 4 selectable channels.


5. Configuration

After pairing the harvi, the eddi or zappi device will need to be configured to use the harvi. The function of the CTs connected to the harvi are also configured via the eddi or zappi unit.


1. On the eddi or zappi device, go to the “Advanced Settings” menu and then “CT Inputs” or “CT Config”
2. Disable the relevant CT input(s) for that device – this ensures the unit uses the harvi CT instead of the wired CT
3. Next go to the “Linked Devices/Devices” menu option which is also in the “Advanced Settings” menu
4. Highlight the harvi device and press or 
5. Configure the CTs according to the installation

6. Wiring Diagram