2nd October 2020

World Animal Day: How To Protect Endangered Species From Home 

World Animal Day is a social movement that protects wildlife and raises awareness of our planet’s most endangered species.  

Taking place on 4th October, it “unites the animal welfare movement”, conserving nature and fighting the biggest threats to our wonderful wildlife. 


What is World Animal Day? 

An annual day of action for animal lovers, World Animal Day challenges all of us to make a difference and make Earth a better place for all wildlifeIts origins trace back to 1925, meaning that it will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary! 

It is no secret that the lives of animals are deeply affected by human behaviour, and that we have let many species down.  

Through deforestation, pollution and in some cases what can only be described as cruelty and a lack of compassion, creatures far and wide have suffered from our actions. It’s time to make things right. 

Fortunately, there are many activists, environmentalists and eco-warriors out there who strive to protect and preserve these wonderful animals. World Animal Day brings these people together, encouraging and educating everyone around the globe to contribute. 

By raising awareness and continual campaigning, the celebration of World Animal Day has introduced significant improvements in welfare standards and the law to better protect wildlife all over the world. 

From animal cruelty to cures for illnesses, conferences to fundraising, World Animal Day embraces all animals and all concerns. 

Its successes include a Modern Animal Welfare Act in Egypt, raising the awareness of the ethical treatment of animals in Lebanon and Colombia, and the introduction of animal protection legislation in Sudan. 

Rhino in the wild

World Animal Day 2020: Get Involved 

This year’s event has the same aim as those before it: to raise awareness and improve standards around the globe.  

Want to get involved? Join the movement by sharing facts, stats, stories and best practices on social media and talking about it with your friends.  

Encourage and make positive changes to inspire a brighter future for animals, not just on 4th October, but at every opportunity. 

As well as animal organisations and community groups, World Animal Day also partners with businesses to organise fundraising and awareness events.  

Whether you’re an individualbusiness or organisation, the organisers suggest the following activities for those looking to make a difference: 

World Animal Day 2020

World Animal Day 2020

Endangered Animal Charities 

Unfortunately, there are many critically endangered species all over the world. Thankfully, there are plenty of endangered animal charities working day and night to save these creatures. 

Here are some of the biggest and most influential… 


Arguably the most well established and widely recognised of the bunch, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been tremendously influential in animal conservation over the last six decades. 

From animal adoption to fundraising and becoming an ambassador, there are plenty of ways you can get involved with WWF’s remarkable efforts. 

International Rhino Foundation 

Since the start of the 20th century, the number of rhinos roaming the wild has dropped by 470,500 (over 90%). Four of the five remaining species are at threat of extinction.  

WWF selfie

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) protects the status of these animals, working closely with the following critically endangered species, each of which could go extinct in our lifetime: 

IRF gives you the opportunity to adopt an endangered animaldonate or partner with the charity. 


A monthly donation to the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) can help to save lives every day. 

The RSPCA helps animals in need, responding to emergency calls, providing essential care and ensuring creatures can “live free from pain and suffering”. 

The “oldest welfare charity around” has plenty of opportunities to lend your support, including volunteering, donating and campaigning. 

Endangered Animals That Need Our Help 

Elephants in the wild

Here is a list of the most threatened species that need our help. As you can see, there are endangered rainforest animals, endangered animals in Africa, Australia, Europe… All over the world. 

They need our help. Let’s all work together to give these beautiful creatures the home, treatment and environment they deserve.

Because if we don’t… who will? 


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